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What our trainees say

“Since working at CCFE I've been hooked on the sense of purpose and anticipation surrounding the work. It's a very exciting time to be working in fusion research. We are hoping to break our existing world record for fusion energy with JET and, in parallel with that, design systems for ITER.”

Job description:

My job involves the design, manufacture and procurement of components for our Remote Handling system. JET has one of the most sophisticated systems in the world, allowing us to install, remove and maintain in-vessel components from the safety of our control room. We’ve just begun a major upgrade which, amongst other things, will see the replacement of over 3000 heat resistant tiles – fully remotely.

Professional institutional membership:

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Previous work experience:

I spent two summers working at CCFE during university in the Design and Analysis group. After graduating from university I was offered a permanent job and a place on the Graduate Development Programme.

Thoughts on the area:

I’ve lived in a few areas since joining CCFE and I’m convinced there’s something for everyone. My colleagues live in Oxford, Reading, Swindon and many of the smaller towns in between.