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What our trainees say

“Exposure to such a wide range of work has been essential in developing my professional career, ultimately working towards chartered status. It has broadened my horizons enabling me to use my education as a foundation and branch into new disciplines.”

Job description:

As a member of the Power Supplies Unit, it is our task to supply JET with the required power needed to run its various systems. My involvement covers a wide range of the Engineering discipline from system programming of small micro-controllers to maintaining large high power equipment. I am involved in the operations team at JET control room as a Power Supply Operations Engineer, an essential role operating the large number of JET power supplies.

Professional institutional membership:

Institution of Engineering and Technology

Previous work experience:

Between my second and final years of study I undertook a 12 month placement at Culham working in the Plasma Boundary & Electronics Group on the MAST experiment. During this time I worked on several electronic card designs and FPGA programming. My work there was very rewarding, not to mention excellent experience to take forward into my final year at university. Upon finishing my studies I returned to MAST to complete my previous work, after which I joined the Power Supplies Unit at JET.

Thoughts on the area:

Having lived in Oxfordshire for many years I find it is a great central location, with a fantastic historical city and easy connections to London, the Midlands and south coast.