• Case Study

What our trainees say

“Working at Culham is full of challenges. Most of the time it involves the how to get a square peg in a round hole type of thinking.”

Job description:

Operation, maintenance and repair of the high power RF system during the JET experimental campaigns. During shutdowns the work includes the design, test, calibration and commissioning of project enhancements, as well as general maintenance and repairs to the ICRH amplifiers.

Previous work experience:

As part of my university course I had a summer placement with British Aerospace in the Advanced Technology Centre designing and modelling a non linear transmission line. I have also worked for Honeywell designing a system that can detect and measure impurities within a liquid. This system was to be used in a GP’s clinic for chronic disease monitoring so that the effect of new or existing treatments could be analysed immediately without the need to send off samples to a laboratory.

Thoughts on the area:

There is plenty to do in the area and also has the advantage of being close to Oxford and only 45 minutes away from London on the express train.

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